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Integrated management system policy

As one of the leading regional construction companies, we are expanding our market position both in the segment of public contracts, and in the segment of private contracts. We strive to represent our company to all potential clients and the public, especially as a guarantee of:

  • quality and solid approach to customers and other interested parties,
  • friendly approach to environmental protection,
  • high level of health protection and safety of employees in carrying out our activities.

For effective management of the Company, an integrated management system has been created including:

  • quality management system under ČSN EN ISO 9001
  • environmental management system under ČSN EN ISO 14001
  • system of management of safety and health protection at work (SHPW) under ČSN OHSAS 18001.

As part of this integrated management system (IMS), the Company has defined the main responsibilities, systems and operational procedures and goals to be reached for a certain period. To continuously improve its relationship with customers, its environmental profile and performance of SHPW, the Company has committed itself mainly:

  • to observe and comply with all laws and regulations in areas designated by IMS, and other requirements that are applicable to the company and has committed itself to meet,
  • to cooperate with state administration authorities and other relevant parties to meet the justified demands for environmental protection, safety and protection of workers and improving the quality of services,
  • in the activities performed primarily to use the precautionary approach, to prevent poor quality products, environmental pollution, occurrence of accidents and damage to health,
  • to become widely known in the regional market for construction contracts,
  • to meet the utmost satisfaction of our investor so that the output from the part of the investor was a general recommendation for the close neighbourhood,
  • to ensure external communication in areas where, due to construction activities,  the quality of housing during the construction will be reduced,
  • to explore new technologies enabling to better meet customer expectations and enabling the company to reduce costs, respectively to increase profitability by an evaluation of suppliers,
  • to motivate employees for good work and provide them with excellent facilities - in accordance with the motto: "a perfectly good job should be correspondingly rewarded",
  • to offer permanent and proven employees the opportunity to continuously educate and improve in their profession.


In Znojmo,  5 January, 2009     

Ing. Ivo Svoboda Ing. Petr Svoboda
Business director, management representative
for the integrated management system
Production director

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